Three Advantages of Biolase teeth whitening

It’s well-known that Biolase teeth whitening is an effective treatment for your patients. It can make their teeth several shades whiter. What’s more here at DTI we have advanced and comprehensive Vancouver biolase teeth whitening training courses to teach you how to use this system properly.

Here are some of the advantages of this teeth whitening innovation:


Usually, one of the biggest advantages to this procedure is the speed. In many cases it can be performed in under an hour. This makes Biolase not only attractive to your patients but your pocketbook as well.

It’s good to keep in mind here that most teeth whitening products take several weeks to take effect. The whitening kits that come on trays usually need several applications. All this points toward the obvious advantages of laser technology.

Biolase teeth whitening is immediate

biolase teeth whitening training

One session is enough to make an appreciable difference. Only in certain circumstances are multiple visits necessary. This makes this particular laser treatment attractive from cost-effective and patient satisfaction standpoints.

It’s also important to get the best biolase teeth whitening training possible. To get the most from this technology you want to understand everything that it can do in a variety of circumstances. Our training is hands-on and specifically geared toward practitioners and technicians. We’ve left no stone unturned to make sure the courses here at DTI are up-to-date, complete and at the height of innovation.

The teeth whitening sessions that you’ll be able to implement for your patients can last years. This of course is a big improvement over other types of teeth whitening technologies and can be a huge selling feature.

Safer with less damage

One of the biggest benefits to using Biolase teeth whitening techniques is the relative safety when compared to other procedures. Because this technique is only needed once every few years, there are usually no adverse effects on the gums and teeth.

It’s good to know that this procedure helps remove the stains caused by some common practices and unavoidable situations. For example this laser technique is excellent for aging teeth. As well, ones that have been stained by tobacco and red wine and coffee see immediate results.

Finally, Biolase teeth whitening is also helpful for teeth that have been subject to trauma.  In many of these situations,  the dentin darkens after an accident or other kind of mishap. Overexposure to elements such as fluoride can also lead to the need for tooth whitening. To get the latest info on our Vancouver biolase teeth whitening training courses, please do not hesitate and call us today!