Here at DTI, we pride ourselves on providing the best most comprehensive training for a wide variety of modern Waterlase dentistry techniques. This is one of the most innovative lasers available to your dental practice. It provides benefits for both your staff and patients that make it one of the best choices.

Here’s a few reasons why our Vancouver Waterlase dentistry training benefits your practice and patients:

Vancouver Waterlase Dentistry Training

  • If you ask many dental practitioners, they will tell you there’s a percentage of  new patients that have certain apprehensions about dental work  Using this laser technology, you can put their minds at ease. Most restorations and procedures can be done without anesthesia.
  • There are some excellent clinical advantages to using Waterlase dentistry techniques. Because water is the cutting agent, this innovation doesn’t create any of the vibrations of a traditional dental drill. Therefore, there is a reduced chance of creating micro fractures.
  • There have been studies done in Europe that say pathogens during the root canal can be reduced by over 90% by using this laser technology. This can help both your patience and practice by allaying any fears people have about the possibility of germs and infection.
  • From the standpoint of our return on investment, this laser technology is well known for bringing in many different kinds of patients. Many of the procedures that we can teach you here eliminate the need for sutures. That’s especially pleasing for many patients who are worried about complications.

Here at DTI, we are committed to providing your staff with the highest calibre of instruction. We pride ourselves on working with like-minded people in the industry that include practitioners as well as researchers and suppliers.

The Waterlase dentistry courses that we offer are thorough and complete. Of course one of the bigger selling features is the fact that this technology can replace many traditional dental tools. The accuracy and precision this particular tool offers is essential for removing enamel decay while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected.

Another benefit is the fact that surgical procedures using Waterlase dentistry have reduced swelling and bleeding. Versatility is one of the other cornerstones of this particular product. It can be used for both soft and hard tissue applications. Why not get in touch with us today so we can tell you more about our thorough and in-depth Waterlase dentistry training course outline?

To sign up for our Vancouver Waterlase dentistry training course call us today at 866-451-5377.