We’re proud to teach the latest procedures, techniques and technology when it comes to the innovation called Biolase dental laser. Any serious dental practitioner should always be looking for the latest in innovation. This particular laser is well known for several outstanding attributes above and beyond being virtually pain-free.

These include:

The fact that the product is designed to be balanced, ergonomic and versatile

Vancouver Biolase dental laser training

Using a dental laser that you are comfortable with makes the learning curve even more relaxed and enjoyable. These units have a portable design without any cords for convenient applications in the palm of your hand. Keep in mind that our courses for this particular laser offer hands-on applications so you get a feel for the convenience of this particular tool.

The versatility

Cavity preparations are just one of the restorative techniques that you’ll learn. There are a variety of other techniques that make this particular laser versatile. These include flap surgery and soft tissue biopsies. Of course this kind of versatility lends itself to a cost-effectiveness that you’ll appreciate in a business sense. All this on top of the fact these Biolase dental laser products are designed to alleviate the fears of your patients.

Simple Controls

Along with any anxieties your patients might express, this particular product can sooth the nerves of your practitioners with simple and easy to use controls. Our DTI courses will teach you some of the more elemental techniques like how to adjust cutting power on the fly. Everything is covered including best practices for the HD tablet interface which is the height of innovation.

With this particular laser technology, you’ll get an accumulation of all the techniques and innovations that have gone before. For example, this product is perfect for endodontic treatments like access cleaning and shaping procedures as well as the disinfection of the root canal.

Here at DTI, we are committed to providing dental practitioners and their hygienists with the very best in practical efficient courses. With our help, you’ll be able to implement this technology with integration into your current workflows. We offer Biolase dental laser training in Vancouver to show you how to get the most out of the technology.

The Biolase dental laser is the perfect tool designed for deep cleaning in periodontal patients.  The processes involved have been reported to take less than 10 minutes and actually kill over 80% of the bacteria leading to the worst kinds of periodontal disease. Normal scaling procedures work hand-in-hand with this laser technology. For more information on Vancouver Biolase dental laser training please contact us today.