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Vancouver Biolase dental laser training: Making it Virtually pain free

We’re proud to teach the latest procedures, techniques and technology when it comes to the innovation called Biolase dental laser. Any serious dental practitioner should always be looking for the latest in innovation. This particular laser is well known for several outstanding attributes above and beyond being virtually pain-free. These include: The fact that the […]

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5 Ways Lightwalker Dental Laser Treatments In Vancouver Can Help Your Practice

What you can learn at our Lightwalker dental laser training in Vancouver Laser dental techniques generally and Lightwalker dental laser treatments in Vancouver specifically are becoming more popular for several different reasons. This innovation gained popularity in the 1990s. That was the first time this innovative device was used by dental practitioners commercially after it […]

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Why Our Vancouver Dental Laser Training Can Increase Your Clinic’s Profits

Staying ahead of all the latest innovations in the dental world has always been a recipe for excellent patient care and financial success. Of course our Vancouver dental laser training needs to be a central part of any push to increase your profits. Here’s just a few reasons why this innovation is becoming an essential […]