All dental practitioners know the gums are the foundation for a brilliant smile. Our Toronto soft tissue laser courses are the perfect instrument for keeping them healthy. We teach all of the latest advanced technology techniques so your clinical practice and ROI benefit. One of the first benefits of this technology is versatility. When it […]

Dental Laser Certification Courses

Signing up for Orange County dental laser certification courses can make a big difference to your dental practice. Here are five advantages of learning all the latest techniques this innovation has to offer. There’s less bleeding Dental laser technology is still relatively new so not every dental practice has it. That means they don’t understand […]

Laser Dentistry Courses

Lasers can be used in many different dental procedures. Orange County laser dentistry courses teach dentists the correct techniques including duration of exposure to tissue. One of the big benefits to this technology is in the fact it is specifically focused. Dentists and hygienists can treat specific areas without damaging the surrounding tissues. The use […]

biolase teeth whitening

Using lasers as a teeth whitening procedure is not a new concept in dentistry. However, it has grown in popularity over the last several years. The return on an investment in Vancouver laser teeth whitening training courses is clear. Most of the patients you have want a smile that’s attractive. Achieving this goal with lasers […]

While your practice is sorting through all the Vancouver laser dental courses available, here’s an interesting fact about the history of lasers. In 1916, Albert Einstein wrote a note to a friend about the concept of stimulated emissions that eventually became laser light. The first real laser was created in 1960. Dental researchers took five […]