We’re proud to teach the latest procedures, techniques and technology when it comes to the innovation called Biolase dental laser. Any serious dental practitioner should always be looking for the latest in innovation. This particular laser is well known for several outstanding attributes above and beyond being virtually pain-free.

These include:

The fact that the product is designed to be balanced, ergonomic and versatile

Vancouver Biolase dental laser training

Using a dental laser that you are comfortable with makes the learning curve even more relaxed and enjoyable. These units have a portable design without any cords for convenient applications in the palm of your hand. Keep in mind that our courses for this particular laser offer hands-on applications so you get a feel for the convenience of this particular tool.

The versatility

Cavity preparations are just one of the restorative techniques that you’ll learn. There are a variety of other techniques that make this particular laser versatile. These include flap surgery and soft tissue biopsies. Of course this kind of versatility lends itself to a cost-effectiveness that you’ll appreciate in a business sense. All this on top of the fact these Biolase dental laser products are designed to alleviate the fears of your patients.

Simple Controls

Along with any anxieties your patients might express, this particular product can sooth the nerves of your practitioners with simple and easy to use controls. Our DTI courses will teach you some of the more elemental techniques like how to adjust cutting power on the fly. Everything is covered including best practices for the HD tablet interface which is the height of innovation.

With this particular laser technology, you’ll get an accumulation of all the techniques and innovations that have gone before. For example, this product is perfect for endodontic treatments like access cleaning and shaping procedures as well as the disinfection of the root canal.

Here at DTI, we are committed to providing dental practitioners and their hygienists with the very best in practical efficient courses. With our help, you’ll be able to implement this technology with integration into your current workflows. We offer Biolase dental laser training in Vancouver to show you how to get the most out of the technology.

The Biolase dental laser is the perfect tool designed for deep cleaning in periodontal patients.  The processes involved have been reported to take less than 10 minutes and actually kill over 80% of the bacteria leading to the worst kinds of periodontal disease. Normal scaling procedures work hand-in-hand with this laser technology. For more information on Vancouver Biolase dental laser training please contact us today.

Here at DTI, we pride ourselves on providing the best most comprehensive training for a wide variety of modern Waterlase dentistry techniques. This is one of the most innovative lasers available to your dental practice. It provides benefits for both your staff and patients that make it one of the best choices.

Here’s a few reasons why our Vancouver Waterlase dentistry training benefits your practice and patients:

Vancouver Waterlase Dentistry Training

  • If you ask many dental practitioners, they will tell you there’s a percentage of  new patients that have certain apprehensions about dental work  Using this laser technology, you can put their minds at ease. Most restorations and procedures can be done without anesthesia.
  • There are some excellent clinical advantages to using Waterlase dentistry techniques. Because water is the cutting agent, this innovation doesn’t create any of the vibrations of a traditional dental drill. Therefore, there is a reduced chance of creating micro fractures.
  • There have been studies done in Europe that say pathogens during the root canal can be reduced by over 90% by using this laser technology. This can help both your patience and practice by allaying any fears people have about the possibility of germs and infection.
  • From the standpoint of our return on investment, this laser technology is well known for bringing in many different kinds of patients. Many of the procedures that we can teach you here eliminate the need for sutures. That’s especially pleasing for many patients who are worried about complications.

Here at DTI, we are committed to providing your staff with the highest calibre of instruction. We pride ourselves on working with like-minded people in the industry that include practitioners as well as researchers and suppliers.

The Waterlase dentistry courses that we offer are thorough and complete. Of course one of the bigger selling features is the fact that this technology can replace many traditional dental tools. The accuracy and precision this particular tool offers is essential for removing enamel decay while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected.

Another benefit is the fact that surgical procedures using Waterlase dentistry have reduced swelling and bleeding. Versatility is one of the other cornerstones of this particular product. It can be used for both soft and hard tissue applications. Why not get in touch with us today so we can tell you more about our thorough and in-depth Waterlase dentistry training course outline?

To sign up for our Vancouver Waterlase dentistry training course call us today at 866-451-5377.

What you can learn at our Lightwalker dental laser training in Vancouver

Laser dental techniques generally and Lightwalker dental laser treatments in Vancouver specifically are becoming more popular for several different reasons. This innovation gained popularity in the 1990s. That was the first time this innovative device was used by dental practitioners commercially after it was released.

Today, it has advanced to the point where it is used to complement many dental treatments. Here are five ways laser dental treatments can improve your quality of patient care.

Gingivectomy applications

Lightwalker Dental Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are a safe and effective way to remove gum tissues. Lightwalker dental laser products specifically are known for their effectiveness, ease-of-use and precision. The training courses we offer in Vancouver are thorough and comprehensive. They’ll help you to understand and become compliant with the easy to use operating modes that are available.

Teeth whitening procedures

The most innovative laser dental procedures actually accelerate the chemical process needed for this technique to be successful. The bleaching agent penetrates the tooth enamel much quicker and the result is a cost-effective and client centric package.

Tooth Decay

The laser dental procedures we offer instruction on can actually increase your practice’s profits. These innovations offer an alternate to the more traditional dental drill when it comes to tooth decay. There is an obvious ramping down of the anxiety some patients feel when you substitute a laser for a more traditional instrument.

Crown Lengthening

Here at the Dental Technology Institute (DTI), we provide the most comprehensive dental laser training for a variety of different applications. We teach the techniques that allow dentists and other practitioners to balance cost effectiveness with patient care.   


Lightwalker dental laser techniques provide many benefits including the fact there is little or no bleeding during any surgical procedures. Added to that is the fact disinfecting occurs simultaneously. These are just two of the advantages to using laser dental procedures when a patient has an unusual growth that needs to be biopsied. 


Lightwalker dental laser procedures are just one of the available course options that we have here at DTI. Helping dentists learn to use the latest technologies is the focus of our mission. The training we provide is always geared towards helping to foster your clinical and financial success. Why not get in touch with us to learn more about these particular dental laser classes. Remember, we offer a wide variety of applicable courses in the field. For Vancouver Lightwalker dental laser training call us today.

Staying ahead of all the latest innovations in the dental world has always been a recipe for excellent patient care and financial success. Of course our Vancouver dental laser training needs to be a central part of any push to increase your profits. Here’s just a few reasons why this innovation is becoming an essential part of the successful dental practice.

Soft tissue lasers are falling in price

Vancouver Dental Laser Training

Dentists are always looking out for the public good. However they need to be aware of their own bottom line at the same time. With the cost of soft tissue lasers falling in price as the technology matures, this might be a great time for your practice to make the move.

It’s important to keep in mind that our dental laser training allows you a wider scope of procedures than the scalpel allows for. Soft tissue lasers in particular are reliable and fast tools. From a cost-effective standpoint, they allow you premium patient care and fast turnaround times. Studies have concluded that up to 86% of patients prefer soft tissue lasers because of the speed of the treatments they get.

Lasers treat an aging population

More and more research is telling us we’re moving towards an older population. Laser training is becoming a necessary feature for a dentist who wants to stay ahead of tomorrow’s curve. If you consider the fact that The American Academy of Periodontology has estimated that 80% of American adults have some form of periodontitis, laser instruction courses sell themselves.

The ROI is undeniable and the speed and efficiency lasers provide through scaling and root planing is a fantastic bonus.

Here at DTI, we make it our mission to partner with interested dentists and their practices. Our mission is to make sure professionals get outstanding dental laser training in Vancouver that will help them to raise the bar on both patient care and profits.

Finally, laser dental training can increase your clinic’s profits because in the end the technology is affordable. For example research tells us that on average even just one frenectomy on a monthly basis can add $ 350 dollars to your profits.

Need more convincing that dental laser training is a sound business decision? It’s inevitable that you’ll get returning patients and new referrals with the instant relief laser techniques can produce in a variety of situations including treatment of apthous ulcers. To learn more about Vancouver dental laser training contact us now at 866-451-5377!

Three Advantages of Biolase teeth whitening

It’s well-known that Biolase teeth whitening is an effective treatment for your patients. It can make their teeth several shades whiter. What’s more here at DTI we have advanced and comprehensive Vancouver biolase teeth whitening training courses to teach you how to use this system properly.

Here are some of the advantages of this teeth whitening innovation:


Usually, one of the biggest advantages to this procedure is the speed. In many cases it can be performed in under an hour. This makes Biolase not only attractive to your patients but your pocketbook as well.

It’s good to keep in mind here that most teeth whitening products take several weeks to take effect. The whitening kits that come on trays usually need several applications. All this points toward the obvious advantages of laser technology.

Biolase teeth whitening is immediate

biolase teeth whitening training

One session is enough to make an appreciable difference. Only in certain circumstances are multiple visits necessary. This makes this particular laser treatment attractive from cost-effective and patient satisfaction standpoints.

It’s also important to get the best biolase teeth whitening training possible. To get the most from this technology you want to understand everything that it can do in a variety of circumstances. Our training is hands-on and specifically geared toward practitioners and technicians. We’ve left no stone unturned to make sure the courses here at DTI are up-to-date, complete and at the height of innovation.

The teeth whitening sessions that you’ll be able to implement for your patients can last years. This of course is a big improvement over other types of teeth whitening technologies and can be a huge selling feature.

Safer with less damage

One of the biggest benefits to using Biolase teeth whitening techniques is the relative safety when compared to other procedures. Because this technique is only needed once every few years, there are usually no adverse effects on the gums and teeth.

It’s good to know that this procedure helps remove the stains caused by some common practices and unavoidable situations. For example this laser technique is excellent for aging teeth. As well, ones that have been stained by tobacco and red wine and coffee see immediate results.

Finally, Biolase teeth whitening is also helpful for teeth that have been subject to trauma.  In many of these situations,  the dentin darkens after an accident or other kind of mishap. Overexposure to elements such as fluoride can also lead to the need for tooth whitening. To get the latest info on our Vancouver biolase teeth whitening training courses, please do not hesitate and call us today!

The Diode laser dental and dentures

Diode laser dental procedures are becoming more and more of the mainstream in the dental profession. One of the big reasons is the flexibility this technique has. One of the more advanced technologies incorporates the laser denture. In Vancouver, we provide Diode laser dental and dentures training for this very reason.

Gone are the days when denture molds needed to be hand fashioned. With the modern technology used today, denture molds can be uploaded and a laser can create an exact 3-D replica. The results are products that can be presented to the patient in as little has two weeks.

The advantages of Diode laser dental dentures

Diode laser dental training

The benefits of producing dentures using this technology are numerous. When you put just a few of them together, you’ll see why dentures using this technology are so popular with patients and doctors alike.

  • Because dentures produced with diode laser dental technology are so accurate, they provide for a more natural feel. This technology can make a denture that actually mimics a patient’s natural teeth.
  • The 3-D image that is used to craft the denture mimics every cut and groove in the patient’s mouth. The resulting dentures are unique and perfectly crafted in each individual case.
  • The 3-D images crafted by the laser are stored in a data bank. That means patients can get replacement dentures quickly and easily because the original information is stored securely and safely.
  • Competitiveness is another advantage. By most accounts, even though laser technology is superior, the price range is comparable with more traditional methods.

Of course diode laser dental techniques are used in a variety of other dental applications. Tooth decay removal is one of the areas where the flexibility of this laser technology excels . Because lasers are so accurate, they can save as much of the tooth mass as possible.

This laser is also highly effective when it comes to removing gum tissue. It is equally helpful whether it’s being used for cosmetic or dental applications.

Here at DTI, we pride ourselves on the very best courses.  The Diode laser dental training and instruction that you get from our qualified and helpful staff will alleviate any of your concerns. After you’ve completed the course, you’ll understand all the best practices involved. What’s more, you’ll be able to see clearly how this laser technology is a boon to your business and clients alike.

Why not get in touch with us here at DTI so we can help you get started on the diode laser dental courses that will improve your practice and patient care?

Learn how you can attend our next Vancouver Diode laser dental and dentures training course by calling us now!