The Toronto dental laser surgery courses we offer will prepare your practice for the cutting edge of innovation. If you’re looking for a wide range of hard tissue drilling options, we can help you with our expert services.

The LightWalker laser is one of the industry leaders in the field.  It has many advantages including the fact that this high-performance instrument reduces the need for anaesthesia. Comfort and patient satisfaction are two of the advantages to this instrument since it has reduced vibrations and noise.

It’s important to us that your practice gets all the information and practical skills needed. That’s why one of our courses is entitled Benefits of Laser Technology in Modern Practice.


Toronto dental laser surgery courses and protocols

In this course, you’ll get a full understanding of laser technology and the benefits to a variety of laser treatment protocols. One of the more  interesting aspects of this option is an overview. In it, we give a practical guideline for determining which wavelength will work best for your individual practice.

The information that you get through our Toronto dental laser surgery courses is always complete. For example, we can supply an overview of all of the benefits that the Er:YAG laser can deliver through the LightWalker’s articulated arm. We also touch on the benefits it can bring to your patients.

This particular laser is valuable in a variety of different applications. Because of the reduced noise level and vibration, it’s especially relevant for pediatric dentistry. High-speed preparations of cavities as well as virtually all soft-tissue applications are some of the other bonuses to this laser technology.

Remember, that here at the Dental Technology Institute (DTI), our goal is to help you implement the proper laser technology. The full benefits of our courses include an excellent return on the investment as well as increased patient satisfaction.


Various dental techniques

Regardless of the course that you take with us, you’ll get solid understandings of how lasers can be used with various dental techniques. As well as excellent hands-on instruction, you’ll get practical information about insurance needs and laser set up and operation.

Making the most of this technology means understanding all aspects. That includes patient communication and of course marketing. You might be interested in LightWalker laser options or another technique and product. Regardless, the Toronto dental laser surgery courses we offer are industry leading. Why not get in touch with us today so we can help you find  the one that suits your particular needs?

What you can learn at our Lightwalker dental laser training in Vancouver

Laser dental techniques generally and Lightwalker dental laser treatments in Vancouver specifically are becoming more popular for several different reasons. This innovation gained popularity in the 1990s. That was the first time this innovative device was used by dental practitioners commercially after it was released.

Today, it has advanced to the point where it is used to complement many dental treatments. Here are five ways laser dental treatments can improve your quality of patient care.

Gingivectomy applications

Lightwalker Dental Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are a safe and effective way to remove gum tissues. Lightwalker dental laser products specifically are known for their effectiveness, ease-of-use and precision. The training courses we offer in Vancouver are thorough and comprehensive. They’ll help you to understand and become compliant with the easy to use operating modes that are available.

Teeth whitening procedures

The most innovative laser dental procedures actually accelerate the chemical process needed for this technique to be successful. The bleaching agent penetrates the tooth enamel much quicker and the result is a cost-effective and client centric package.

Tooth Decay

The laser dental procedures we offer instruction on can actually increase your practice’s profits. These innovations offer an alternate to the more traditional dental drill when it comes to tooth decay. There is an obvious ramping down of the anxiety some patients feel when you substitute a laser for a more traditional instrument.

Crown Lengthening

Here at the Dental Technology Institute (DTI), we provide the most comprehensive dental laser training for a variety of different applications. We teach the techniques that allow dentists and other practitioners to balance cost effectiveness with patient care.   


Lightwalker dental laser techniques provide many benefits including the fact there is little or no bleeding during any surgical procedures. Added to that is the fact disinfecting occurs simultaneously. These are just two of the advantages to using laser dental procedures when a patient has an unusual growth that needs to be biopsied. 


Lightwalker dental laser procedures are just one of the available course options that we have here at DTI. Helping dentists learn to use the latest technologies is the focus of our mission. The training we provide is always geared towards helping to foster your clinical and financial success. Why not get in touch with us to learn more about these particular dental laser classes. Remember, we offer a wide variety of applicable courses in the field. For Vancouver Lightwalker dental laser training call us today.