Toronto dental laser therapy has become an important part of the modern practice. Research indicates that up to 30% of modern dental offices use this technology. There are several important benefits that need to be considered.

For example, laser technology reduces the amount of time a patient needs to be in the chair. As well, their discomfort is minimized because suturing is not necessary. In many cases, laser technology does away with the need for anaesthesia.

There are various applications. More needs to be done to educate both dentists and hygienists about the uses of Toronto dental laser therapy. Presently, many practices only think it can be used for periodontal disease and frenectomy.


Continued education

Continued education is one of the keys. DTI offers a variety of excellent courses. We are different from the competition in that we offer unique hands-on training and overviews. We can help you apply the techniques and concepts that will aid in increasing your ROI. In short, our courses can help make your practice more profitable and appealing to your patients.

There are three different types to choose from. Soft tissue lasers have a specific area they excel in. Hard tissue lasers as well as other laser choices have different specialty areas.


Diode variety

The most common lasers used for dental practices are the diode variety. There are several reasons these are considered one of the top choices including their small size and manoeuvrability. As well as being able to cover a variety of different procedures, their cost is generally fairly low.

This type of laser was first introduced in the 1990s as a practical tool for dentistry.

In the last 20 years there have been many innovations made in the field. The modern laser can be used as a practical application for every day dentistry. Some of the applications for soft diode lasers that are commonly used include:

  • Biopsies. Because laser technology is so efficient and effective, it can be used here.
  • Bleaching of teeth. This technology is also effective for cosmetic purposes. It is virtually painless and very efficient. Marketing it to patients is much easier than with other methods like trays.
  • Bone lesions. Laser technology can also be used for more surgical procedures.

Of course it’s important to get the right kind of instruction regardless of the application you find for lasers. That’s why our Toronto dental laser therapy courses are industry leading.

The right cosmetic procedures combined with laser technology can make a difference to your patient’s smile and overall self-esteem. Orange County laser teeth whitening training courses are an important part of that.

Here are a few things you need to look for.


As a dental practitioner, you’ll want some assurances there will be clinical and financial success attached to the training. Make sure the training courses you are considering are involved with suppliers, manufacturers and the research and development side of the technology.

A broad set of influences

Having a broad set of influences makes any training course much more thorough and complete. Of course, you’ll want to have a look at the professional affiliations of the people who put the course together.

They should have dental degrees as well as specific training in dental laser technology. Having specific affiliations to laser training is important. You can even look to see if there is a WCLI (World Clinical Laser Institute) accreditation attached to the Orange County laser teeth whitening training courses you are considering.

A variety of choices

Orange County laser teeth whitening training courses might be your first choice for the kind of training you need. However, it’s always good to keep an open mind to a place that can offer you a wide variety of other choices.

The treatment courses might start out with a background and history of laser technology and should give you and your staff a well-rounded view. For example, a focus on soft tissue surgical procedures should be an option.

The best practice for integrating laser technology is an important topic and, of course, laser set up and operation needs to be another subject included in the course.

Different types of treatments

Teeth whitening training courses are always an excellent starting point. However, when you start there, you will soon realize there are many other treatment possibilities for this type of technology.

It’s a good idea to look for a variety of applications including periodontal treatment. It’s also a positive step to make sure you have the option of learning pediatric laser dental applications.

Finally, Orange County laser teeth whitening training courses can certainly be viewed as a stepping stone towards further implementation in your dental practice. Finding a course that will cover financial aspects like purchase price versus operating costs is an added bonus.

Using lasers as a teeth whitening procedure is not a new concept in dentistry. However, it has grown in popularity over the last several years. The return on an investment in Vancouver laser teeth whitening training courses is clear.

Most of the patients you have want a smile that’s attractive. Achieving this goal with lasers is always safe when carried out by a professional who has the proper training. Some of the most common testimonials from patients who have undergone this procedure include:

  • Those that have undergone antibiotic treatments and given up on having a bright smile. Many patients have used antibiotics for a variety of conditions. Unfortunately these medicines can stain the enamel on their teeth. Laser teeth whitening is a painless and effective solution.
  • Those that suffer from dental anxiety. There are many documented cases of patients who are apprehensive about sitting in the dental chair. However after a short introduction where the procedure was explained to them, they reported feeling more relaxed.

Some dental practices use before and after pictures once they’ve implemented what they’ve learned from Vancouver laser teeth whitening training courses. This is a great marketing technique to draw in more business to the practice. Not only that, it can help to alleviate any dental anxiety patients might feel.

Laser teeth whitening

Laser Teeth Whitening Training

Some dentists even have other procedures they apply after laser teeth whitening. For example, some apply fluoride to their patient’s teeth after the procedure. The fluoride allows for the enamel to be re-mineralized.

Whitening process

In other procedures, a peroxide-based solution is applied to the teeth and then activated by the laser. This speeds up the whitening process.

Although there are reports that laser technology is more expensive than dental drills, it also has a higher return on investment. For example, some lasers can cost thousands of dollars but have many uses. They are also in high demand with the public.

Financial Sense

Vancouver laser teeth whitening training courses make financial sense for your dental practice. Although the initial cash outlay for the laser is high, they have been proven to lessen dental anxiety during the whitening procedure. Beyond tooth whitening, there are other uses for lasers including the treatment of gum disease.

The right training courses need to be both thorough and complete. It’s important to make sure they are run by experts who have experience in the field. Make sure any course you are thinking about taking also provides hands-on experience.

Three Advantages of Biolase teeth whitening

It’s well-known that Biolase teeth whitening is an effective treatment for your patients. It can make their teeth several shades whiter. What’s more here at DTI we have advanced and comprehensive Vancouver biolase teeth whitening training courses to teach you how to use this system properly.

Here are some of the advantages of this teeth whitening innovation:


Usually, one of the biggest advantages to this procedure is the speed. In many cases it can be performed in under an hour. This makes Biolase not only attractive to your patients but your pocketbook as well.

It’s good to keep in mind here that most teeth whitening products take several weeks to take effect. The whitening kits that come on trays usually need several applications. All this points toward the obvious advantages of laser technology.

Biolase teeth whitening is immediate

biolase teeth whitening training

One session is enough to make an appreciable difference. Only in certain circumstances are multiple visits necessary. This makes this particular laser treatment attractive from cost-effective and patient satisfaction standpoints.

It’s also important to get the best biolase teeth whitening training possible. To get the most from this technology you want to understand everything that it can do in a variety of circumstances. Our training is hands-on and specifically geared toward practitioners and technicians. We’ve left no stone unturned to make sure the courses here at DTI are up-to-date, complete and at the height of innovation.

The teeth whitening sessions that you’ll be able to implement for your patients can last years. This of course is a big improvement over other types of teeth whitening technologies and can be a huge selling feature.

Safer with less damage

One of the biggest benefits to using Biolase teeth whitening techniques is the relative safety when compared to other procedures. Because this technique is only needed once every few years, there are usually no adverse effects on the gums and teeth.

It’s good to know that this procedure helps remove the stains caused by some common practices and unavoidable situations. For example this laser technique is excellent for aging teeth. As well, ones that have been stained by tobacco and red wine and coffee see immediate results.

Finally, Biolase teeth whitening is also helpful for teeth that have been subject to trauma.  In many of these situations,  the dentin darkens after an accident or other kind of mishap. Overexposure to elements such as fluoride can also lead to the need for tooth whitening. To get the latest info on our Vancouver biolase teeth whitening training courses, please do not hesitate and call us today!

The Diode laser dental and dentures

Diode laser dental procedures are becoming more and more of the mainstream in the dental profession. One of the big reasons is the flexibility this technique has. One of the more advanced technologies incorporates the laser denture. In Vancouver, we provide Diode laser dental and dentures training for this very reason.

Gone are the days when denture molds needed to be hand fashioned. With the modern technology used today, denture molds can be uploaded and a laser can create an exact 3-D replica. The results are products that can be presented to the patient in as little has two weeks.

The advantages of Diode laser dental dentures

Diode laser dental training

The benefits of producing dentures using this technology are numerous. When you put just a few of them together, you’ll see why dentures using this technology are so popular with patients and doctors alike.

  • Because dentures produced with diode laser dental technology are so accurate, they provide for a more natural feel. This technology can make a denture that actually mimics a patient’s natural teeth.
  • The 3-D image that is used to craft the denture mimics every cut and groove in the patient’s mouth. The resulting dentures are unique and perfectly crafted in each individual case.
  • The 3-D images crafted by the laser are stored in a data bank. That means patients can get replacement dentures quickly and easily because the original information is stored securely and safely.
  • Competitiveness is another advantage. By most accounts, even though laser technology is superior, the price range is comparable with more traditional methods.

Of course diode laser dental techniques are used in a variety of other dental applications. Tooth decay removal is one of the areas where the flexibility of this laser technology excels . Because lasers are so accurate, they can save as much of the tooth mass as possible.

This laser is also highly effective when it comes to removing gum tissue. It is equally helpful whether it’s being used for cosmetic or dental applications.

Here at DTI, we pride ourselves on the very best courses.  The Diode laser dental training and instruction that you get from our qualified and helpful staff will alleviate any of your concerns. After you’ve completed the course, you’ll understand all the best practices involved. What’s more, you’ll be able to see clearly how this laser technology is a boon to your business and clients alike.

Why not get in touch with us here at DTI so we can help you get started on the diode laser dental courses that will improve your practice and patient care?

Learn how you can attend our next Vancouver Diode laser dental and dentures training course by calling us now!