Here at the Dental Technology Institute (DTI), we are always looking to provide outstanding Toronto dental laser treatment courses. Our primary mission centres on helping dentists and hygienists better their everyday practice with our expert instruction.

Of course one of the areas where our instruction will make a big difference is with periodontal disease. The gums that support teeth are attacked with this common issue.

The condition generally affects adults and their mature years and it has a variety of causes including:

  • Certain illnesses like diabetes
  • some kinds of medications
  • certain genetic conditions
  • substandard oral hygiene
  • smoking


How Toronto dental laser treatment courses can help

Our courses offer certain necessary features like practice integration as well as patient communications and marketing. However, we feel it’s important for each and every dental practitioner to fully understand how lasers work with periodontal treatments.

With this technology, inflamed gum tissue around the root is removed. After the root is exposed, scaling can begin using the laser. Attacking the calculus that has developed and amassed below the gum line around the root is important to successful treatment.

The laser is also instrumental in smoothing over any rough spots that could cause future infections by attracting bacteria. The whole idea is to promote a healthy gum tissue that can regenerate healing.


 About Toronto Dental Technology Institute (DTI)

 Of course any dental practice that is considering these courses will need a complete overview of the clinical as well as business aspects.  The hands-on instruction we provide is carried out under the tutelage of experts.

The benefits of using laser technology to treat gum disease are many and well-documented. They include:

  • Lasers are accurate. They can target diseased areas accurately and precisely. This is a large concern for people suffering from periodontal disease.
  • Healing times are shorter laser with technology. Because traditional techniques like scaling and suturing aren’t needed here, patients generally recover quicker.
  • Laser technology is generally less invasive. This means there is less bleeding and the whole process becomes more attractive to clients.

The courses we supply are carefully thought out and well executed to make sure your dental practice gets the best ROI. Our Institute was founded to help dental practices implement this latest technology. We work with like-minded professionals throughout the industry to bring the benefits of Toronto dental laser treatment to the forefront.

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